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As you might have guessed, “Hestra” is the very first floor tile of Hestraplattan company. The popular pattern was designed in the end of the eighties and is still appealing to many of our customers. “Hestra” is a high quality flooring made in Sweden. It’s made out of 100% recyclable polypropylene material. 
There are many application areas: on the balcony, in the garden, around a swim-ming pool area, on the damp basement floor or in the garage. The floor tile will fit well both indoors and out and is, besides decorative, a good solution for many problem floor areas in your home. 
Forget splinters from wooden floors in need of yearly maintenance or cold damp cellar flooring. You may even pile up cartons on the floor without risk for moisture absorption. Furthermore, the floor tile will drain away moist from the surface and able the subflooring to breathe and dry. Hestra Floor Tiles has a very special expansion function - this means that it will behave well even in a very warm en-vironment. 
As an accessory you can add edge- and corner-strips for smooth transition to the sub-floor. 
Hestra Floor Tiles are available in a wide range of colours.


As a condition to relieve the floor tiles even across the surface, we recommend that the sub floor should be hard and relatively flat. For large installations where heavy objects need to be transported we request you to contact us for advice. info@hestraplattan.se

Remove all objects from the surface and clean it thoroughly, no loose particles should be left disturb the installation.

Thanks to it’s click system, the floor tiles are very easy to install. You do not need any tools for connecting the tiles, only for size adjust-ments. To fit the floor tiles to your room, you will need a saw with fine tooth blade or the special cutting tool which you use for hardwood flooring. 

A. Start the installation in a corner and work from left to right. Place the floor tiles diagonally against the wall and keep the tile-side with the eyelets on the right hand side and down. Leave a 10 - 15 millimetre space between the floor tiles and the wall or other fixed objects. This space will allow the floor to ex-pand which is necessary when exposed to changing temperatures e.g. in instal-lations outside.

B. Push down the pins in the eyelets. 

C. Adjust the floortiles by using a saw with fine tooth blade, a jigsaw or spe-cial cutting tool for hardwood floor. While sawing we recommend you to have the floor plate upside down this will make sure to cut straight. Make sure to protect the surface of the floor tile while sawing.

D. Finish with edge- and corner strips if you wish. These accessories are sold separately.

If you like to install the floor tiles in a garage, we highly recommend you to bolt down the floor in the first row of tiles, this will avoid the floor from moving when you drive in. Use screws and dowels which are recommended by Hestraplattan (Article# 6515-0020-00)

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